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Summaries and rates on this page reflect the corresponding fiscal year.

2018 - 2019 Monthly Insurance Rates




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Medical Plans to Fit Your Needs.
We know our employees have unique healthcare needs. That is why we offer four great medical plans to provide you more choices. You can decide what is most important to you and your family, whether it is choosing your doctor, cost savings or flexibility. Our Plan Selector Toocan help you determine which medical plan best meets your needs. Plus, we have a comprehensive Staff Wellness program, at no cost to you.

As an employee of DCSD, you are in charge of your health, Choose the Best You!"



2018-19 Plan Summaries:
CIGNA Preventive Health Care

CIGNA/Allegiance Summary Plan Document

CIGNA Preventive Drug List


Kaiser Sample Fee List  

Kaiser Permanente Website                          

Kaiser Preventive Drug List   

Kaiser Telemedicine Option                 

Kaiser Evidence of Coverage DHMO

Kaiser Evidence of Coverage HDHP       

Affordable Care Act Preventive Health Screenings                                                                                                    



Health Savings Account (HSA)        

HSA Investment Options 

HSA Member Guide