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Student Leadership

Teaching our students about leadership isn't enough. We encourage them to look for opportunities in the community to lead, including through their schools' Student Councils and the Board of Education's Student Advisory Group.

Student Advisory Group (SAG)
The Student Advisory Group (SAG), which began in 1998, is comprised of sophomores (with prior approval by District Director of Activities, Athletics and Student Leadership), juniors and seniors from each Douglas County School District high school. The SAG, guided by the District Director of Activities, Athletics and Student Leadership, works directly with the Superintendent and District Administrators.  It provides an opportunity for District personnel to have a focus group of high school students. It also affords the students an avenue to express what they think is exceptional regarding their education, along with what could be improved, ultimately to advance communication between District staff, the Board of Education, and students. Beginning in 2008-2009, the group was made a committee of the Board of Education.

  • Speak on issues administrators believe warrant attention and affect students directly.
  • Improve communication between the district high schools’ student governments.
  • Report formally on an annual basis to the Board of Education, along with recommendations for improvement on issues studied.