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Meet Rachel Tincknell, Douglas County High School Head Athletic Trainer

Headshot of Rachel Tinknell
Name: Rachel Tincknell
Position: Head Athletic Trainer
School: Douglas County
How many years have you been at your DCSD school?
1 year
Where did you go to school?
Undergraduate­: Central Michigan University
Current graduate school­: University of Colorado Colorado Springs
What is your favorite thing about working at your school?
Riding around on the gator
What is your best memory while working at your DCSD school?
All of the awesome student athletes I get to work with daily!
What are some other professional experiences you have had?
In addition to being a certified athletic trainer, I am also a licensed massage therapist. I've also spent a day working alongside athletic trainers for the professional rodeo­­that was interesting!
What are you surprisingly good at?
What is the biggest proof that you are good at what you do?
I think that's a better question for my coaches and athletes!
What is your biggest accomplishment?
Juggling graduate school and a full time job seems to be a daily accomplishment (most days)
What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?
If I could get paid to travel around the world in a van...I'd be a professional road­tripper
Family details:
My dad and two sisters all live back in Michigan