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Douglas County actors take center stage at ThesCon

DCSD participants gather at the 2016 Thescon

Chaparral named Colorado Gold Honor Troupe, singers from Mountain Vista & Rock Canyon invited to perform on main stage

DENVER – Students representing schools across the Douglas County School District gathered with thespians from around the state recently, for the 52nd Annual Colorado High School Theatre Conference.

The event hosted at the Colorado Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Hotel, December 1-3 was a chance to learn more about the art of theatre, as well as a chance to compete.
The Douglas County School District had an impressive showing. Hundreds of DCSD students participated.

Chaparral thespians pose for a photo on the escalators at the Colorado Convention Center during the 2016 Thescon

The Chaparral Thespian Society was named a 2016 Colorado Gold Honor Troupe. Only three schools in the state received this award, which recognizes not only their productions but also the student’s work in the community, outreach and original storytelling.
Additionally, the Wolverines team, which included Chloe Cherro, Brian Morgans, Megan Steinheimer, Eli Vatsaas and Will Walker, won the Tech Theatre Challenge. Rock Canyon High School was the runner-up in the competition, ThunderRidge placed third and Ponderosa took fourth place.

Maggie Fox, Elizabeth Theis and Mark Twal in Group Scene

From the hundreds of participants, 14 acts were selected for the Critic's Choice Showcase, an opportunity at the end of the conference to perform on the main stage before a big crowd. Drama teachers say it is virtually the state championship for high school thespians.  Amongst those picked five were performers from Mountain Vista (Alysa Carpenter and Erika Harper in Duet Musical and Maggie Fox, Elizabeth Theis and Mark  Twal  in Group Scene), one from Highlands Ranch (Rochelle Johnson) and one from Rock Canyon (Lily Schmoker).
A ThunderRidge student was selected as a state officer of the Colorado Thespians during the event. Additionally, Eric Brockmeier of Highlands Ranch High School was one of the nine State Thespian Officers, who organized this year's event, which attended by more than 4,000 high school theatre students.
Below is a listing of students who qualified for nationals during the event. We will continue to add awardees as information is received from schools:


2016-17 National Qualifiers
Castle View
Julia Dickson- Acting duet scene
Ashley Purslow- Acting duet scene
Karlie Murray- Musical Theatre Solo
Kaylee Maupin- Acting Monologue
Abby Lehrer- Musical Theatre Duet
Ethan Walker- Acting Monologue and Musical Theatre Solo
Kellie Cage- Musical Theatre Duet

Morgan Erwin - Solo Musical Theatre
Jack Griffin - Solo Musical Theatre
Jacob Pederson - Solo Musical Theatre
Joe Robinson - Solo Musical Theatre
Izze Sajdak - Solo Musical Theatre

Highlands Ranch
Kevin Santibanez (11) - Monologues
Matt Mahoney (12) - Monologues
Joey Qualantone (12) - Monologues
Eric Brockmeier (12) - Monologues
Sammy Rowe (12) - Monologues
Maureen Martin (10) - Solo Musical
Quincy Fick (10) - Tech Costumes
Rochelle Johnson (12) - Tech Set
Sammy Rowe (12), Joey Qualantone (12) - Duet Acting
Samson Leyba (11), Seth Howard (11) - Duet Acting
Cobi Burks (12) and Connor Slavey (11) - Duet Acting

Tara Diltz- Marketing Design Proof
Cory Arndt and Nolan Small- Duet Scene Red
Avery Rudman and Kate Griffith -Duet Musical "Secondary Characters" from Title of Show
Lizzy Higgins, Madeleine Kriech, Marie Trestrail and Delaney Wiley- Group Scene 10,000 Cigarettes
Kiera Barr- Sound Design The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
Michael Mathey, Annika Radovcich and Cory Arndt- Group Scene Proof

Mountain Vista
Erika Harper - Solo Musical
Alysa Carpenter - Solo Musical
Samantha Atchison - Solo Musical
Isabel Heiland - Solo Musical
Alex Smith - Solo Musical
Anya Strauss - Solo Musical
Val Urquhart, Astilia Chokanu-Wenholz - Duet Scene


Beth Noone (11) - Solo Musical Theatre, "Party Dress" from Henry and Mudge
Griffin Zahorik (9) - Solo Musical Theatre, "In Love with You" from First Date
Chloe Resler (12) - Solo Musical Theatre, "I'm a Star" from Dreaming Wide Awake
Korry Tunnicliff (10) - Solo Musical Theatre, "To Excess" from Homemade Fusion
Megan Iannone(10) and Korry Tunnicliff (10) - Duet Musical, "Therapy" from Tick Tick Boom
Meredith Duce (10) - Technical Presentation, Costumes from Twelfth Night

Rock Canyon
Maggie Wald - Costume for Radium Girls
Sophie Klokinis - Stage Management for The 39 Steps
Megan Durbin - solo musical Legally Blonde
Jenna Snyder - solo musical Seussical
Lily Schmoker - solo musical Little Women
Molly Lane - solo musical Chicago
Landon Hogue, Jenna Snyer - duet scene The Shadow Box
Logan Bakken, Landon Hoge - duet scene Pillow Talk
Tiffany Ballantine - monologue Tearing Me Apart
Seth Lindsey - monologue from Juvie/Foreigner

Geni Brant- Set Design
Julia Hegele, Ethan Pierce and Kyle Gill- Scene
Gabby Knopp - Solo Musical Theatre
Maddy Carpenter - Solo Musical Theatre
Kevin Howery - Solo Musical Theatre

DCSD participants post for a photo at the 2016 Thescon
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glowing purple lights hover over trays of seedlings in a dark room

It may look like a plain, white shipping container was just parked on the backyard grounds of Mountain Vista High School. The contents of the container are anything but plain, though. Walking inside the container, different colors of ambient lighting glow, futuristic-looking equipment and tall towers are suspended from the ceiling, and the humidity level is set to 70 percent. The container has been recycled into a new kind of learning opportunity for students.