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Assessment and System Performance

Mr. Matt Reynolds
Chief Assessment and Data Officer

Kirstin Freshley Richmond
Administrative Assistant

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620 Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 303-387-0136

The Office of Assessment and System Performance facilitates the administration of national, state, and district assessment tests. The results from tests, surveys, and other evaluations are housed electronically and used for analysis and assessment of student performance. We are a service organization dedicated to providing teachers and administrators fact-based information, upon which sound decisions can be made to positively affect student learning.

Colorado state law requires school districts to implement a Balanced Assessment System (BAS). In Douglas County, our goal is to create BAS at every school, giving administrators and teachers the ability to choose from multiple measures, including more authentic assessments, which truly give teachers a picture of what their students have learned and where they can still grow.

What is "Balance"

'Balance’ means you do the best of each part of assessment practices and you use them with the intention that they will add value in providing feedback to students about their performance as well as to the teacher in order to adjust instruction.
While Colorado law requires that those assessments related to teacher evaluations include the state performance assessments, PARCC and CMAS, it also says teacher evaluation should be composed of multiple measures, not just one test.
In Douglas County, individual schools have the ability to integrate assessments that fit their instructional models and their educational programs.
While it will look different from school to school, the expectation is that in addition to the state assessment, teachers are integrating other measures that are not necessarily just more standardized tests. For instance, a BAS can include daily observation practices or authentic assessments tied to projects in which students are utilizing high levels of thinking.


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More Information

For questions and information about Balanced Assessment, contact: Matt Reynolds

DCSD values research and evaluation as an integral component of assessment and accountability.  Research and evaluation activities are carried out by both internal and external entities.  The intended outcome of research and evaluation is to inform and promote 21st century graduates with a world class education.

All research requests must be approved by the District Research Review Team.  Research requests are reviewed twice monthly.