DCHS Class of '68 Reunites

DCHS Class of 1968 Reunites For Tour of Old Building
Posted on 09/21/2018
Class of 1968 reunites outside of Douglas County High School


A lot can happen in 50 years. It’s a fact that became more obvious with each new face arriving as the class of 1968 gathered in front of Douglas County High School. “It turns out 50 years added on to people kind of makes them look a little different,” said Pat Peters, a minister for the past four decades.

As the class put names with changing faces and changed scenery, modern-day Principal Tony Kappas addressed the crowd. “I hate to break the news to you, I don’t think any of the faculty are on staff.” The class had a good laugh and entered the high school they used to know.

“The building itself is dramatically different,” said Peters. He and several others were particularly excited to see the old auditorium where they had theater class. “About a year and a half ago we decided to rename the theater “The Wally,” Kappas announced before they headed in. It was a satisfying moment for Peters. “Wally Larson was our drama director, and we really put on productions that were worthy of anything even in Denver High Schools.”

As the tour continued, pictures on the wall of the new wrestling room caught the attention of several people. One lady even found her old boyfriend on the wall. “I’m glad I married who I married,” she laughed aloud next to her husband.

One thing became evident throughout the day. The best part of school was the people. “They have stories that they are all connecting with and they all remember,” observed DCHS Senior Elizabeth Smith. Smith was one of three current seniors accompanying the group. The current and former Huskies had a great give and take. “The class of ’68 - they were learning from our students and talking about curriculum and instruction,” said Kappas. “The value of friendship and value of life and life experiences, that’s what I’m hoping they’ll walk away with.”

After 50 years, Douglas County High School is still doing great things. “Makes me wish I had graduated from here,” remarked a spouse to Kappas. The good feelings were not lost on the current senior class as they imagined their own future in 50 years. “For sure yeah. I’ll be here. Yep, we will be here.”

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