2019 Shining Stars

2019 Shining Stars Staff Nominations
Posted on 05/24/2019
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Each school year the Douglas County Special Education Advisory Committee (DCSEAC) accepts nominations for its Shining Star program. This award celebrates DCSD staff members who are providing outstanding service and care for students who receive special education services. Parents and families have nominated the following staff members for making a difference in the lives of their students.

Staff Name School

Renee Fenn Arrowwood Preschool

Shannon Slucter Arrowwood Preschool

Andrea Scott Buffalo Ridge Preschool

TJ Braun Castle Rock Middle School

Megan Henderson Castle Rock Middle School

Beth Brett Cherokee Trail Preschool

Madisen Scholfield Cherokee Trail Preschool

Regina Ordunez Clear Sky Preschool

Amy Bracken Clear Sky Preschool

Marilyn Mercer Clear Sky Elementary

Danielle Elliott Copper Mesa Elementary

Shelby Brinkman Copper Mesa Elementary

Alan Colson Copper Mesa Elementary

Bruce Jones Coyote Creek Elementary   

Amy Sealock Coyote Creek Elementary   

Jon Catto Cresthill Middle School

Tamra Cantar Cantril Preschool

Michelle Alqlaf Eldorado Preschool

Kelsey Mang Fox Creek Elementary

Beth Marafiote Gold Rush Preschool and Pine Grove Preschool

Pam Ditus Gold Rush Preschool

Lori Wheeler Heritage Elementary

Michele Gonzales Heritage Elementary

Sara Montelongo Highlands Ranch High - Preschool

Julie Mooney Highlands Ranch High - Preschool

Kim Cline Highlands Ranch High - Preschool

Sara McLeod Highlands Ranch High - Preschool

Shelly Steveson Highlands Ranch High - Preschool

Alice Romano Highlands Ranch High - Preschool

Tara Proctor Highlands Ranch High - Preschool

Theresa O'Hearn Gay Highlands Ranch High - Preschool

Terry Willis Iron Horse Preschool

Mo Zell Iron Horse Preschool

Roxanne Aviles Leman Academy

Monica Vazquez Lone Tree Preschool

Kristen Shannon Mammoth Heights Preschool

Julie Shank Mountain Ridge Middle School

Beth Schneider Mountainview Preschool

Becky  Lansville Northridge Elementary

Courtney Hoover Northridge Elementary

Ashley Ives Northridge Elementary

Madison Cole Northridge Elementary

Logan Krisl Northridge Elementary

Andrea Brinkerhoff Northridge Elementary

Lee Ann Eck Northridge Elementary

Lien Lao Shi Northridge Elementary

Christine Barnett Pine Grove Preschool

Patti Roberts Pine Lane Preschool

Leslie Gresham Pioneer Elementary

Erin Sakryd Prairie Crossing Preschool

Debra Blake Prairie Crossing Preschool

Lauren Howard Ranch View Middle School

Jessica Booker Redstone Elementary

Denise Botdorf Redstone Elementary

Peg Gerlach Redstone Preschool

Tricia Bostwick Rock Ridge Elementary

Scottie Martin Rock Ridge Elementary

Deborah Franklin Rock Ridge Preschool

Jennifer Massey Rock Ridge Preschool

Peter Thompson Rocky Heights Middle School

Amy Freeman Rocky Heights Middle School

Susan Vite Rocky Heights Middle School

Merritte Broxson Rocky Heights Middle School

Carla Christiansen Rocky Heights Middle School

Shana Fraley Rocky Heights Middle School

Colleen Pate Rocky Heights Middle School

Danica Waugh Rocky Heights Middle School

Melissa Montgomery Roxborough Primary

Julie Burkey Sagewood Middle School

Jill Coe Sedalia Preschool

Teresa Salerno Mountain Ridge Middle School

Sheryl Slechta Soaring Hawk Elementary

Danielle Kolojay Soaring Hawk Elementary

Amber Struthers South Ridge Elementary

Kris Hennig South Ridge Elementary

Kelsey Mang Fox Creek Elementary

Hollie Borrego Stone Mountain Elementary

Lisa Sage Stone Mountain Elementary

Sean Mahan Stone Mountain Elementary

Lori Sinclair Stone Mountain Elementary

Emily Jones Stone Mountain Elementary

Jami Masten Trailblazer Preschool

Amy Lunstra ThunderRidge High School

Ashley Roppolo ThunderRidge High School

Ana Lavin ThunderRidge High School

Tanya Vice ThunderRidge High School

Joanna Hutson ThunderRidge High School

Roseann Bodeman ThunderRidge High School

Allie Szabados ThunderRidge High School

Katherine Root ThunderRidge High School

Kelly Wood ThunderRidge High School

Kim Rupe ThunderRidge High School

Lauri Gallagher ThunderRidge High School

Lori McKnight ThunderRidge High School

Megan Welch ThunderRidge High School

Stephanie Weber ThunderRidge High School

Janelle Mack ThunderRidge High School

Brian Kelly ThunderRidge High School

Laurie Edmonstone ThunderRidge High School

Nichole Vande Vusse ThunderRidge High School

Kate Gresock Wildcat Mountain Elementary

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