STEM School Charter Contract Renewed

STEM School Charter Contract Renewed
Posted on 06/29/2019
On Saturday, June 29, the Douglas County School District Board of Education voted 6-0 (one director was absent during the vote) to renew the charter contract for STEM School Highlands Ranch for a term of five years effective July 1, 2019, subject to the terms of the Proposed Contract, which, among other things, provides that the term shall be shortened to three years if STEM is not in compliance with certain renewal conditions. View the recorded meeting on Livestream here:

In January 2019, the DCSD Board recommended a three-year renewal term, which STEM chose to appeal. Both parties were working towards a resolution, when the STEM tragedy happened in May. Negotiations were put on hold so efforts could be focused on supporting STEM’s students, staff, families and the community.

“The Board genuinely respects and supports the STEM community’s need for recovery from this tragic event,” said DCSD Board President David Ray. “Being sensitive to this need, as well as meeting the statutory deadlines for a charter renewal request, has made this process difficult and challenging for everyone. I am pleased that, through collaborative efforts, an agreement was made that is supported by both STEM and DCSD.”

This agreement honors STEM’s request for a longer-term contract, and addresses the Board’s concerns that had been presented to STEM’s leadership over the last two years.

For nearly 1,900 students, classes for the 2019-2020 school year at STEM School Highlands Ranch begin on August 7.