Staff Compensation

In November 2018, Douglas County voters approved ballot measure 5A -- a Mill Levy Override in the amount of $40 million, which will be used by Douglas County School District to increase staff pay, add counselors at the elementary school level, reduce the counselor to student ratio at our middle and high schools, and offer additional Career and Technical Education opportunities for our students. $17 million is being used for staff compensation and benefits (excluding Superintendent and Cabinet). DCSD is using these funds to make a positive impact on our employees regarding compensation. Although this helps begin to narrow the gap between our school district and neighboring districts, we know there is still work to do and this process is ongoing. At the DCSD Board of Education meeting following the election, Human Resources reviewed its recommendations of compensation adjustments for each employee group (excluding the DCSD Superintendent and Cabinet). The Board of Education approved these recommendations allowing staff to receive pay increases, retroactive to the beginning of the school year, in their January 2019 paychecks. To understand the full picture surrounding compensation increases, it’s important to note that some DCSD staff also received pay increases in the months leading up to the passage of 5A. In addition, DCSD’s licensed staff (including teachers) who were continuously employed by DCSD since 2008, also received increases to compensate them for years in which they may have experienced a pay freeze. These adjustments were paid out at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. Each of these increases was taken into consideration when creating the compensation plan to be paid with MLO dollars.

View the Compensation Considerations presentation from the January 8, 2019 Board of Education Meeting.
View the DCSD Board of Education Resolution: "Employee Compensation Values and Resolution"

Looking Forward

In February 2019, our Human Resources Department, along with the DCSD Employee Council (made up of DCSD teachers, administrators, professional/technical and classified employees from across the school district) began working together on the following next steps for developing a new pay structure for our school district:

  • A salary study is under way to provide us with research-based data for a multitude of staff positions, and to compare our salary structures to other districts across the state.
  • DCSD is partnering with an outside consultant to help us determine the compensation needs of our school district. The work over time will include: analyzing current salaries and education level and experience; gathering input and ideas from our employee groups; developing a compensation structure which meets the Board of Education's resolution; determining the budgetary implications due to any proposed salary changes; and communicating the proposed plan when compensation structures are finalized.
  • Compensation recommendations will be formed in Employee Council, with a compensation sub-group of Employee Council members, and via gathering input from our employees. Recommendations will be shared with our Superintendent and Board of Education for final decision-making.
  • Due to the layers and complexity of creating this new system, we anticipate that the development of a new compensation structure will be a work in progress for most of the 2019-2020 school year.


Comp Process & Timeline

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