Where the MLO Funds Will Go

Where the MLO Funds Will Go

The following are some of the ways in which the mill levy money will be spent:
  • $17 million will go toward addressing pay gaps for employees
  • $3.5 million will go toward allocating school counselors for all elementary schools
  • $2.5 million will go toward changing the middle and high school counselor-to-student ratio from one counselor per 350 students to one counselor per 250 students
  • $2 million will go toward increasing career and trade focused programming, along with certified staffing for career technical education
  • $7 million will go toward school-level funding depending on the needs. This ranges from increasing funding for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch to adding support for the district's special education and gifted and talented programs
  • $8 million will go to the district's 21 charter schools.