Temporary Guardian Information

Temporary Guardian applications are intended for situations when the Legal Guardian is not currently available and someone is going to step in and act on the Legal Guardians behalf.  Although every situation is unique, Temporary Guardian applications are not used as a means of convenience, or to be able to enroll/attend the school of your choice.  

All Temporary Guardian applications are required to be completed through Student Data & Information Services.  The application process will require the Legal Guardian(s) and the Temporary Guardian(s) to complete forms provided by our office and have them Notarized.  All applications are required to be approved by our department prior to the student being allowed to enroll/attend school.  Once approved, the temporary guardianship is good for 12 months from the date the Power of Attorney has been signed and notarized by the parent / guardian and must be renewed if the student continues with our schools longer than 1 year.   The Legal Guardian may revoke the temporary guardianship at any time and for any reason by providing our office with a written request to revoke the Temporary Guardian.

Please call us at 720-433-0095 to begin the application process.