Preschool Age Requirements

young girl learning to write letters with fingers in tray of salt, assisted by a female adultECE

Early Childhood Education
Preschool Information Line: 720-433-0025

Serving Children Three to Five Years Old

Students who are age 3 on or before the first day of preschool are eligible to register and begin school at the start of the school year in August. Students who turn 3 after September 1st are eligible to register 3 weeks before they turn 3 and begin school on their 3rd birthday. To align with district practice, students who are 5 years of age on or before October 1st are eligible for kindergarten and not eligible for preschool that school year.

Age and Classroom Session - Morning or Afternoon

All students that turn 4 by October 1st are placed in the afternoon session. We implement age-based classroom sessions to better allow for targeted and age appropriate learning opportunities.

  • Younger and newly turning three year olds will be placed in the morning session to meet their unique needs.

  • Older, kindergarten bound preschoolers (children who are in their final year of preschool prior to being age eligible for Kdg) will be placed in the afternoon session, along with their same aged peers, to provide more age-appropriate peer modeling and higher level social interactions, play and pre-academic opportunities.  

Our Program is Inclusive

We welcome students of all skill levels, including those that have special education needs. Through an inclusive preschool setting, the learning needs of all children are met in the most respectful and positive way.

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