Public Comment

Public Comment

The Board of Education works for the students, parents, and patrons of the District.  Community input that can help the District meet the challenge of becoming the best school system possible is always welcome.  The Board values hearing diverse viewpoints from a broad spectrum of citizens throught our community, specifically items listed on the Board meeting agenda and on isses that impact the educational needs of our students.

 Citizens are invited to speak during the time specified for Public Comment.  This is the time to voice opinions about specific agenda item(s) prior to any Board action.  Speakers must complete the Public Comment Form and submit it electronically prior to 3:00 p.m. on the day of a regularly scheduled Board meeting.  If written testimony or a handout is submitted, presenters are asked to supply one (1) copy (single sided and collated) to the Board Secretary.

Tips for addressing the Board:

  • Complete this online form with name, address and topic. 
  • Limit comments to the alotted time (usually three minutes).
  • Identify yourself before speaking.
  • Groups representing a common viewpoint are encouraged to select one spokesperson, who may speak for longer than the alotted time at the discretion of the Board president.

By law, the Board is allowed to take action only on items on the agenda. The Board may, at their discretion, refer any matter to district staff or calendar the issue for future discussion.


Please also refer to these two Board Policies that guide how public comment to the Board is received.   Board Policy KE Public Complaints and Board Policy BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings

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