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About Pay for Performance

Douglas County School District is one of the first districts in America to truly address the lack of professional compensation for education professionals.

Nearly every district in Americas uses a salary schedule developed in the early 1900's to pay certified employees. teachers are paid according to an x/y grid, in which x (or step) equals years of service and y (or lane) equals the level of education. Every year a teacher moves up a “step,” because they’ve added a year and when they earn another degree they move to the next lane. You simply find your block on the matrix, and that is your compensation, regardless of your role or your performance.

In a time where there is a clear shortage of the highest quality education staff and a time where being an education professional has never been more rigorous and demanding, DCSD finds it unacceptable to continue under this broken system. It is not in the best interest of our students, staff, or community.

Pay for Performance at a glance

The Douglas County School District (DCSD) is once again leading the way in education reform—launching a new Pay for Performance system, which better celebrates our amazing educators and employees for their great work.

The Pay for Performance diagram to the right demonstrates how the new system works. Teachers that are effective and highly effective have opportunities for pay increases and bonuses.

Those that are not will receive feedback and training to improve their skills. Opportunities for professional development through coaching and training will, however, be available to all employees, ensuring that even those employees that are exemplary become examples for others in their field.